Kindle Fire Gift Card Information

It seems to be getting harder and harder to find the perfect gift. I’m a big fan of gift cards – as long as you pick the right one you know it’ll get used on something that’s really desired. Kindle Fire gift cards are very versatile. They can be used for anything on the Kindle Fire – books, apps, movies, and music. They also can be used to buy any physical product available at Amazon, such as a Kindle Fire case or headphones. I’ve put together the guide below to help you find the ideal gift card.

Amazon makes it really easy to purchase a gift card in almost any amount. There’s never a charge to purchase or ship a gift card and they never expire. Electronic gift cards are delivered instantly. Gift cards sent by mail arrive very quickly since Amazon has distribution centers all around the country.

Amazon Kindle Fire Gift Card

Types of Kindle Fire Gift Cards

There are several types of gift cards available for kindle fire purchases depending on whether you’d like to send the gift electronically or give it to someone in person.

Here are all of the options available:

E-mail Delivery

Email Kindle Fire Gift Card

You can send a gift card to any email address you choose. This can either be sent immediately, or scheduled as far as one year ahead of time. If you’re sending a gift card for a birthday, holiday, or other occasion, you can have it sent on the day of the event. E-mail delivery includes the option to create a personalized message for the recipient. I think this is the most convenient method to send a Kindle gift card, and it’s sent in an instant so it’s okay to wait until the last minute!


Facebook Kindle Fire Gift Card

If the person you’re sending a gift card to accesses Facebook more regularly than their email, you can choose to post a gift card to their Facebook wall. Another reason you might want to send a gift card via Facebook is if they’ve accomplished something and you’d like their friends and family to see. For instance, if they got accepted to college, got promoted, or helped you out with something and you’d like to draw attention to what they did with your gift.

Print and Fold

Printable Kindle Fire Gift Card

With this option, you can select a number of different gift card designs and add a personalized message. You then print out the card and fold it over twice, which gives it the look of a greeting card.

Print and Cut

Print and Cut Kindle Fire Gift Card

This printable option is designed to fit inside of a standard-sized greeting card. Simply print, cut along the dotted lines, and insert into your choice of greeting card.

In a Greeting Card

Greeting Card Kindle Fire Gift Card

This premade greeting card includes an envelope and a greeting card with a plastic gift card inside. You can choose from nearly twenty different designs for a number of occasions. This card can either be mailed to you or directly to the recipient.

In a Gift Box

Gift Box Kindle Fire Gift Card

This is a more elaborate way to give a physical gift card than the greeting card options. A small gift box is sent with a gift card inside. Several different box and card designs are available. I think this is the best value as the presentation of the gift card is the nicest, yet there’s no additional cost.

Multiple Gift Cards

Multiple Kindle Fire Gift Cards

Want to give away several gift cards as gifts to friends, family, or employees? Amazon has packs of either 3 or 10 gift cards in denominations as low as $15 each. The bonus of getting a pack of cards over buying a group of cards separately is that you get free one-day shipping.

To see all the different Kindle Fire gift card designs available from Amazon or to make a purchase, simply click the buttons below.